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14.06.2023Nancy Ludwig

Children are the best yogis

Children need exercise, everyone agrees. And yet we often ask ourselves how we can support our children holistically – perhaps this is easier than we thought.

14.06.2023Nancy Ludwig

Children are the best yogis

Children need exercise, everyone agrees. And yet we often ask ourselves how we can support our children holistically – perhaps this is easier than we thought.

13.07.2023Elke Jauk-Offner & Sonja Gapp

Vom Luxus Zeit

10.04.2023Elke Jauk-Offner

For a lifetime

They play and argue with each other, they talk and they stick together: having brothers and sisters is unique and valid for life. Family psychologist Harald Werneck knows more about formative sibling relationships.

24.02.2023Nancy Ludwig

Nancy's feel-good Blog

“Serenity accepts life as serious, but not as hard.” (Ernst Reinhardt) 

After tension comes relaxation, is that how it goes? But why do we ...

09.02.2023Elke Jauk-Offner

Passion for the tracks

Exhausting and relaxing at the same time: cross-country skiing trains endurance, strength and coordination in the midst of magical winter landscapes. The basic rule is: to glide rather than rush. We have tips for beginners and advanced skiers. more

19.01.2023Elke Jauk-Offner

Simply on track

Clear goals, an open ear, a passion for what he does: Mario Pabst is in charge at the Dachsteinkönig – Familux Resort. At home, three-year-old Xaver calls the shots. By the way, he regularly picks out the ...

17.01.2023Sonja Gapp

The Grand Green - A hotel opening as if out of a fairy tale

You are probably asking yourselves “A fairy tale? Really? That seems must be an exaggeration?” Well, let us explain: A classic fairy tale builds up as follows: At the beginning there is the beautiful, calm & magical world. ...

08.11.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Baby Wellness

How many professional spa techniques and care products suitable for delicate baby skin does the young child need? Two mummies give their opinion and tell us how they handle it themselves.

20.10.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Generation Corona

To make a night of it, moving from party to party, making the clubs unsafe. No way. In times of the pandemic, young people mainly spent a lot of time at home. Or did they? Four teenagers tell us how ...

06.10.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Rush Hour

Neurologist and psychiatrist Sigurd Hochfellner on the high demands life often places on us, the importance of a balanced “energy budget” and the importance of enjoyment. In other words: In the rush hour of life, it’s better to unplug more often.

29.09.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Anything but ordinary

Stylish success: Marco Küveler provides world-class colour and cuts in his hair salon,  a most relaxing all-round experience and top-quality, sustainable hair products for home use.

22.09.2022elke Jauk-Offner

On the trail

From dragons, smugglers and Georg the Gem. Around Bad Hindelang, in the middle of the nature reserve of the Allgäu High Alps, there is much to discover. And you should also take a wrought-iron pan home with you.

07.09.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Knowledge about spices

Some fruits, seeds, kernels and leaves contain an extraordinary amount of valuable ingredients. In our series, we introduce regional superheroes. This time we focus on very special herbs.

24.08.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Party time

Healthy eating made easy for children and suitable for parties: health coach Alice Goller has put together recipes for children’s birthday parties that are quick and easy, fun and full of valuable nutrients. 

10.08.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Fit with Felix

Children and parents alike benefit from exercising together in the fresh air. And the next ice cream tastes twice as good! Professional luge athlete Felix Loch shows us how it’s done.

28.07.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Playing is learning

For parents these are small steps, for babies milestones in development. So that one doesn’t loose ones bearings for the second and third year of life from all the comparisons in your closest environment: what is best for the child from the point of view of developmental ...


Secrets of the wine world

Our Sommelier’s Secrets subscription: We offer curated wine experiences from our Familux Sommeliers to your home. The selected white and red wines are delivered free to your door every month. The wine subscription is available in two variants.

14.07.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Set sail with Familux

Adventure and relaxation, enjoyment and comfort: Familux Yachts is our new offer for unique family holidays. Along the Croatian coast, yacht dreams come true. Little sailors are very welcome!

06.06.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Playing is learning

For parents these are small steps, for babies milestones in development. So that one doesn’t loose ones bearings for the first year of life from all the advice and whisperers, comparisons and uncertainty: what is best for the child from the point of view of developmental psychology.

30.05.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Everything for the baby

As Europe’s most innovative family hotels, the Familux Resorts offer a wonderful world of well-being for even the youngest guests. Thanks to our baby care, a time-out or two for parents is not only expressly permitted, but also highly recommended.

02.05.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

How to: Love-Jar

This is how you make a love-jar full of love notes.

20.04.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

And action: Cheeeeeeese!

Professional tips from photographer Conny Leitgab for perfectly used light situations.

07.04.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Sunday roast reloaded

Chef, patissier and food designer Harry Albel and his son Moritz have devised a menu for family and friends that not only tastes good, but also gives the hosts more time to relax with their guests.

18.03.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Taking a road less travelled

Volker Küchler and Oberjoch: that’s a love that has defied even stormy times in the profession. The director of Oberjoch – Familux Resort on Oberlausitzer peculiarities, his past as an Olympic maths champion and the value of genuine guest interactions. 

14.02.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Until the child do us part?

Being parents, staying a couple: How love (and sex) stays alive between nappy bins and parenting days, why a baby turns all relations into monsters and how to defend your innermost circle – couple therapists Sabine and Roland Bösel speak plainly.

04.02.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Free yourself with dance!

It is the rhythm with which one must, or rather, should dance. Dancing is simply good for you, body and soul alike.


Life hacks for the slopes

As soon as all family members are adjusted with all of the equipment, the little one has to go to the bathroom… You have successfully completed your first ascent, your brother gets hungry. And where is the left ski glove again? Skiing days with the whole family can be ...

09.11.2021Elke Jauk - Offner

Courage in a double pack

Florian and Julian Mayer were born with a spirit of innovation; after all, their parents have been pioneers in the family hotel business since 1988. Now they work across generations – not always in agreement, but hand in hand.

12.10.2021Elke Jauk-Offner

Get out

The play room that is nature: balancing on the tree trunk, climbing the trees, jumping over the stream – a sense of achievement strengthens self-confidence. Children are looking for adventure. And they need it. A plea for being outdoors – and more mud.

07.10.2021Elke Jauk-Offner

Easy chill. Easy grill.

Barbecuing with children made easy: Chef, pâtissier and food designer Harry Albel and his son Moritz have devised recipes suitable for children to partake in making, and that will whet their appetite for a real culinary adventure by the fire.

23.09.2021Elke Jauk-Offner

Life at a distance

The pandemic is particularly burdensome for our children and adolescents. Psychotherapist Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger on social distancing and its far-reaching consequences. Because: Man is actually a radical social being.

05.07.2021Stefanie C. Jost

Everything but ordinary

From a boulder park to a baby underwater world: Familux Resorts have invested 20 million euros in their flagship hotel in Lermoos, making the most of the lockdown. The Alpenrose blossoms anew!

18.05.2021Stefanie C. Jost

The Kids Club is finally open again

A well-deserved break and undeniable relaxation for the whole family. SAFELY enjoy a wonderful holiday!

13.02.2021@daddychannel Caro & Paul

Between love and lockdown - when the moon is within grasping distance ...

A somewhat unusual post so close to Valentine’s Day!

16.01.2021Ulrike Grabler (Interview & Fotos)

How Life Plays Out....

Andrea & Ernst Mayer in an interview about a vision coming to reality.

02.01.2021Pia Clodi (Text & Fotos)

Salzburg can do that too

Saturday, 10:30, Café Bazar. The rain has just started again. The plates, cups and spoons are in concert, accompanied by the babble of voices, laughter and the tireless coffee machine. English is spoken to my left, by the sounds of it you could be anywhere in the world, but ...

23.12.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Same procedure as last year...

…or is it? A special celebration in a special year.

08.12.2020Stefanie C. Jost

The year comes to an end in vivid green...

Before the Christ Child and Father Christmas set off to make many children happy during the most beautiful holiday of the year, we put our heads together again in Oberhof.

21.11.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Felix Loch & Familux

Felix Loch – newest member of the Familux Family is the German Champion 2020 in luge

19.10.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Taking big strides forward…

A short visit to Oberhof and a loooong meeting in Erfurt with the planning team reveals the progress our colourful green forest resort has made in the last few months.

13.09.2020Tina Stengle

Catch your breath with the whole family - in the excellent Oberjoch - Familux Resort

After winning the annual Travellers’ Choice Awards, every year since 2014, Familux Resort in Oberjoch continues to take home accolades from the review platform TripAdvisor at a brisk pace. This week, one of the most prestigious ones followed, and we can’t contain our joy: the Best of the ...

04.08.2020Julia Anna Fröhlich - alovelyart

And then came the Dachsteinkönig....

The feeling of peace, quiet and pure relaxation. Who doesn’t dream of such a moment, of sheer bliss, especially during a pandemic? Now, however, comes my main point – that most of us are only familiar with family hotels consisting of constant hustle and bustle, screaming children, annoyed ...

28.07.2020Stefanie C. Jost

The 1st Dachsteinkönig Football Camp with legend Mario Haas was a complete success

It’s wonderful what the Austrian football legend Mario Haas has put together this summer, in cooperation with the Dachsteinkönig – Familux Resort ****s: While the children had their fun training on the pitch during the 1st Dachsteinkönig Football Camp, the parents relaxed in the innovative ...

10.07.2020Tina Stengle

The Alpenrose continues to grow - the largest renovation since the beginning

At the beginning of July 2020 we opened the deluxe version of our Alpenrose – we are extremely proud of this sensational conversion!

17.06.2020Stefanie C. Jost

142 Reserve

Where you can reserve one moment fo(u)r two!

08.06.2020Stefanie C. Jost

We are opening our resorts! Hooray!

The time of the lockdown is over! Managing director and co-owner Florian Mayer in an interview about the reopening of the Familux Resorts.

10.05.2020Tina Stengle

Mum, you have such a nice mozzarella bottom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

12.04.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Easter - the Feast of the Resurrection!

For many, Easter means the gathering of the family. Some have fasted beforehand and look forward to the hearty Easter treats and a glass of wine. Many go to their church for the consecration of meat. The children have been busy painting eggs and the parents have hidden little ...

24.03.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Corona - Lock Down in Austria

On Monday, 16 March 2020, the Dachsteinkönig and Alpenrose closed their doors for the time being. On Wednesday, 18 March 2020, the Familux Resort in Oberjoch joined them.

14.02.2020Stefanie C. Jost

The story of a thrilling day of celebration

Joseph Ritson’s 1784 poem is probably the first to give Valentine’s Day its romantic depth. It has led to many imitators. For those who had a “it’s complicated” relationship status, a little later there were so-called “Mechanical Valentines”. These were pre-formulated, printed Valentine’s cards that poured ...

12.02.2020Stefanie C. Jost

A journey from the past to the future!

When I was entrusted with the organisation of the ground-breaking ceremony for our new resort in Oberhof in Thuringia last year, I was very excited and proud. I immediately Googled, because that’s what you do when you don’t know much about a place, except that it’s ...

02.12.2019Tina Stengle

Familux Resorts - THE new brand for family hotels

A brand comes of age. Change is good to remain the reliable host we have been for you for more than 3 decades. You may have come across a hint or two on a social media or elsewhere in the last few weeks – big things are coming …

29.11.2019Tina Stengle

Certainly different: our groundbreaking ceremony

Certainly different: Our groundbreaking ceremony The calendar shows the last week of November in 2019. A young, highly motivated border guard officer opens the boot of a white SUV at the border between Austria and Germany and comes across a pile of spades, cable ...


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