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10.08.2022Elke Jauk-Offner

Fit with Felix

The motto is: together it’s simply easier. Outdoors, there are many ways for young and old alike to keep moving. Luge athlete Felix Loch gives us an insight into how summer training works and what is important. “It is important that the difficulty of the exercises is adapted to the age and fitness of the child. Fun always comes first,” emphasises the successful athlete.

Obstacle jumping 

A great jumping parkour course can be built with small obstacles. They are mastered with both legs or – for advanced learners – with one leg. The jumping strength and coordination are challenged and improved. The exercise can also be modified and the parkour can be covered while running.

Pull-ups with support 

Pull-ups are a complex upper body exercise. With a little help from mum or dad, it becomes easier for the kids. Simply hold the child by the legs or hips and support the up and down movement in a controlled manner. 


Push-ups are the classic exercise. They become easier when they are performed in an elevated position – for example, against a tree trunk, a bench or a wall. With a little pressure on the shoulder, mum or dad can help the child to get up.

Leg raises 

This exercise trains the lower abdominal muscles. The child lies on their back and the hands are placed next to the body or the child holds on to something above the head (see photo). Then the legs are drawn towards the body and stretched out again. With the legs extended, the whole exercise becomes a new challenge for mum, dad and kids.


Felix Loch – The German luger has won three Olympic gold medals, 13 World Championship titles, six European Championship titles and the overall World Cup seven times in his career so far in single-seater and with the team.

Elke Jauk-Offner
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