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04.08.2020Julia Anna Fröhlich - alovelyart

And then came the Dachsteinkönig....

Enter: the Dachsteinkönig. And, “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” – and there it was. I almost did not want to admit it, but he proved us wrong. Unfortunately, I must admit, this hotel blew us quite brutally away. Like one of those videos, you see on social media or on those breakdown shows. You know the ones where people get knocked over with a clap. That’s what happened to us when we visited for the first time. It was ‘All good things come in threes’ for us the other day. However, the moment did not diminish from the WOW effect. On the contrary, once again the Dachsteinkönig caught us quickly and firmly with all it had to offer. I must not forget to mention that we had built up quite an extreme level of anticipation for our holiday. After all, it wasn’t just us who paused for a moment. The world stopped for quite some time, and everything became still. We just prayed that somehow, we would be able to go on holiday this year. For a long time it didn’t look like we would be able to say hello to our beloved Dachsteinkönig. As it happened, fate was very kind to us.

You now have a detailed declaration of love on my part, there is still one good question left unanswered. What exactly makes the Dachsteinkönig so wonderful and extraordinary? A fair question, we have already been asked it too often in our family and friends’ circle. Between us, I have often asked myself why I rave about it to such a high degree. Basically, it’s not just that the surroundings in the tranquil village Gosau are more like that of a Heidi film. It’s that the view of the Gosaukamm massif literally puts a grin on your face every morning. Everyone, and by “everyone” I really mean EVERYONE, the staff there are so incredibly kind and helpful. Be it the staff at the reception, where you are greeted with a drink on arrival, the childcare workers, who welcomed our little sunshine by name (he apparently made an impression), or one of the two hotel bosses, who scurry around in Austrian traditional costume. You immediately get a feeling of home.

What is perhaps also quite interesting is that, in theory, you never have to leave the hotel. You have everything there, that’s clear. Practically, however, it is a good idea to take a few steps outside, because then you can see the wonderful surroundings and nature. A round around the Gosausee lake, taking the cable car up to the Gosaukamm or making a detour to Bad Ischl is a great idea. If you keep your child or children well looked after in childcare, you can also keep yourself pretty busy in terms of sport. I was wildly enthusiastic about the yoga programme. From self-defence classes, boxing, Pilates or archery, there’s something for everyone. The children can also go on excursions such as to the horse farm or the climbing park. If my passionate words have caught your attention, then I’ve done a good job and I’m looking forward to seeing a few of you spending your holidays there soon. A true blessing for the whole family and the soul. We thank you for the all-round pampering programme. We will be back.

See you soon,

Your Anna


Original German translated to English by Familux.

Julia Anna Fröhlich - alovelyart
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