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14.06.2023Nancy Ludwig

Children are the best yogis

When you watch children play, you can easily see that they are completely immersed in the game and are completely in the moment. They experience new situations with joy, curiosity and enthusiasm. Everyone has probably experienced that a walk with children can last a felt eternity, because they can enjoy every flower, every beetle or thousands of little things.

And yet we parents always draw them to something, we want to. . . , eat an ice cream at Grandma’s, do this and that. Unfortunately, we adults find it increasingly difficult to be in the moment, to sharpen our consciousness and to remain attentive in the here and now. What does this mean for our children?In the age of digitalization, Netflix and Youtube, children spend a lot of time in front of a computer, tablet, smartphone or TV at an early age. The flow of information is getting faster and more and more. Children experience less and less themselves, and when a few hobbies are added, they have little free time. This is where children’s yoga comes in.

It’s not about showing a perfect asana or optimally training the back muscles, but much more about the mix of movement, concentration and conscious experience. Children’s yoga is very different from adult yoga. Children do not practice yoga but they turn into a wild crocodile, roar like an elephant, or are strong like a tree.

It’s all about fun, relaxation and imagination. The children can relax and be themselves. Children can immerse themselves in another world and discover your body without much tohuwabohu and let their imagination run wild. First and foremost, children’s yoga is about learning how to deal with your emotions in a playful way, how to express themselves physically, and finding a way to help themselves when they don’t know where to go with their emotions.

Because sitting still in school and the increasing number of hobbies offer little room for children to discover themselves and train their own perception. In the meantime, there are even schools where yoga is a separate subject, so that children can train their own mindfulness and improve their ability to concentrate. In addition, the effect of yoga on children is already comprehensively and scientifically proven. In addition to improving muscular performance, yoga calms breathing in children and helps to relieve tension. It improves coordination and concentration. There is also a positive influence on ADS and ADHD. The self-confidence is strengthened and the children train their courage.

The nice thing about yoga is, you can practice it anywhere and anytime, for example, if the little ones are excited and can’t calm down, the following might help:


- Yoga Tree: The children stand up straight and lift a leg, place their foot at the ankle and then breathe slowly. Of course, they try not to fall over.

- Yoga plane: The children make a small standing scale and try to let one foot float in the air. If the children are allowed to work on their self-confidence and strength, the following asanas are suitable:

- Lion: The children go into the four-legged stall and roar loudly like a lion, while they can also move through the room and let out their energy completely. The tongue is stretched far out.

- Candle: With the candle, the children lie on their backs and then try to stretch both legs in the air, while they can push themselves upwards on their lower back, the yoga teachers or parents can help them. Yoga is a wonderful way to help our children grow up and give them a space to discover themselves!


Enjoy practicing.

Nancy Ludwig
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