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21.11.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Felix Loch & Familux

Together with Familux Resorts, the luge athlete wins the German Champion 2020 and starts the new season with great success.

Because top athletes need – especially in these demanding times – reliable conditions and active support. The partnership with Familux Resorts launched in October 2020 offers both. The exceptional athlete and the newest member of the Familux Family Felix Loch from Bayrisch Gmain is what you can call a living legend: With 3 Olympic victories, 13 World Championship titles and 5 European Championships as well as 6 overall World Cup victories, he is already one of the outstanding personalities in Germany’s rich sporting history at the age of 31. What stands out about him is that he has remained so down-to-earth and accessible throughout his success.


Family and sport belong together

The connection between Familux Resorts and Felix Loch goes deeper. When he spent the precious summer of this year with his family at Dachsteinkönig – Familux Resort, he was immediately thrilled. “As soon as we arrived at the relaxed hotel, we realised how great our holiday was going to be,” Loch reveals, as he was fascinated by the many exciting and loving details of the Dachsteinkönig. The successful athlete enthuses with a smile: “When our kids discovered the soft ice cream bar, we were completely hooked! We had an incredibly great holiday in Gosau, mainly thanks to the warm staff throughout the hotel.”

With his wife Lisa and their two sons Lorenz (4) and Ludwig (2), Felix Loch embodies something like a picture-book Familux family: committed, ambitious, curious, and close to nature. All this applies to the atmosphere in the three existing Familux resorts in Gosau, Lermoos and Oberjoch. In just one year, the terrific trio will become a quality quartet. Then The Grand Green will open in Oberhof, which Felix Loch is looking forward to enormously. “We lugers spend a few weeks a year in Oberhof because of training courses and competitions. During this time, I miss my children and my wife a lot, of course. When the new hotel opens, the three of them will come and visit me more often.”

Healthy recovery makes a winner


The importance of regeneration and inspiring relaxation is proven by physics: with speeds of up to 145 kilometres per hour and forces up to six times one’s own body weight, luge is a borderline experience. It is logical that fitness is essential for this, but also careful vitalisation. For Felix Loch, this balance is of course crucial. The competition is about thousandths of a second, but it is also about approaching the challenges with composure and self-assurance. It is this quality that makes the winners. No matter whether on the racetrack or off it. It is precisely the clever combination of recreation and fun that makes the Familux Resorts ideal for families who have a lot on their minds.

More information about Felix Loch can be found here


Original German translated to English by Familux.

Stefanie C. Jost
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