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24.02.2023Nancy Ludwig

Nancy's feel-good Blog

We are physically and mentally exhausted and have often lost access to our own sources of strength. Switching off and coming to rest is becoming increasingly difficult and the rest periods, unfortunately, have no restorative effect.

But what does relaxation actually mean? It is not about the body and mind completely unwinding, it is rather about “letting go” of tension and coming to rest again. No struggling, no inner turmoil. Instead, energy, strength and a large portion of joie de vivre for everything the day has in store. 

So what can we do to change from a caterpillar to a butterfly and to regain our childlike composure? First and foremost, calm your mind. Because if your mind is always active, you are dominated by an actionism that speaks unstoppably within you. You probably know this: questions like “did I react correctly in the situation?”, “did I present myself appropriately?”, “what do the others think of me now?”. This constant tension creates pressure on us on several levels – body, mind and soul.

At this point, it helps to observe the mind. To notice the actions, the thinking, every reaction. If we practise this regularly, we notice that we often have very similar patterns of behaviour. We react instead of acting because we want to please others or fulfil their expectations. If we reflect on this before we react again, we quickly realise that we often take things too personally and create our own suffering. We always perceive things through our own glasses, but they are not always as they seem.  

Our own relaxation always starts with our inner attitude. You have probably noticed that stressed people always seem rushed, they don’t walk straight and don’t seem to be fully present. And they are not, because they are already thinking about the next meeting or what is next on the agenda. But in doing so, they miss the most important moment, namely the here and now, the only moment that is real, the only moment that is actually there. Because the past is behind us and we don’t yet know what tomorrow will bring.


What can you do for yourself to deal with life’s challenges in a more relaxed way? One possibility, for example, would be to integrate regular relaxation exercises into your everyday life. A well-known and suitable one to start with is a short relaxation in the supine position:

- Lie on your back with your arms loosely beside you, take a blanket in case you get cold quickly.

- Focus on the rhythm of your breath, your heartbeat, observe the coming and going of your breathing.

- Notice the thoughts that come, but don’t dwell on them, imagine they are little white clouds that come and go.

- Then slowly come back to the here and now, open your eyes and come back to your seat, stay there for 1-2 minutes so that your circulation can stabilise.


If you incorporate this exercise regularly into your daily life, you will feel that you will become calmer and more relaxed. If you prefer to dive into this topic under guidance, take advantage of the possibilities offered by relaxation courses.  Here at the Familux Resorts, there are many opportunities to do so. Yoga, relaxation courses or autogenic training are just a few of them.

Nancy Ludwig
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