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17.01.2023Sonja Gapp

The Grand Green - A hotel opening as if out of a fairy tale

The beautiful, calm & magical world


We draw on our almost 30 years of experience in exclusive family holidays with children and start planning our latest hotel project. The choice of location is not difficult, because when we first saw and marvelled at the Thuringian nature, we knew immediately: “The grand green – we love it already”.


Now that we have found our feel-good spot, it’s time to start planning the hotel project. At our side: a team of experts. It should be like its siblings: With a detailed interior and equipped only with high-quality materials. And it goes without saying that it must be “kids-approved”. It should blend in with its surroundings. Wood – that should be the focus, because what could be better embedded in this beautiful region than this great & warm raw material? No sooner said than done. Let the construction begin.

The villain


And suddenly, without notice, there it is. The dreaded Corona virus. There couldn’t have been a worse time to build a new resort than this. The construction project, planned down to the last detail, which is well on schedule and will open on time in winter 2021, has become a construction site that is almost at a standstill. We have arrived at lockdown. Significant staff shortages at the construction companies, little to non-existent supply chains and a huge shortage of raw materials are the result. Is this really happening? Can someone please pinch us? Can the hero we are all waiting for please come now?


The hero


Unfortunately, the hero did not come to save the whole story with a snap of a finger. It took a little longer. But together, with our 100 employees and countless other contributors, we have now (fiiiiinally) made it.

Happy end


It is 14 October 2022 – our new family member in the middle of the Thuringian Forest opens its doors to families for the first time. It took a lot of energy and hard work. The nerves of everyone involved were on edge. But it was all worth the effort, because seeing the sparkle in the children’s eyes when they enter the resort for the first time is indescribable and worth the hard work.


The first family enters the hotel & all the weight falls off our shoulders. We have finally made it. The door is open and the resort fills with life, love and laughter.


One thing is clear: we will never forget this journey with its ups and downs and will tell our grandchildren and great-grandchildren about this story, but above all about the happy ending. Because that is what counts in the end: a story to remember.

Sonja Gapp
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