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28.07.2020Stefanie C. Jost

The 1st Dachsteinkönig Football Camp with legend Mario Haas was a complete success

Intensive programme

Between 4-11 July and 11-18 July, a total of 38 children (born between 2008 and 2013) completed five sessions from Monday to Friday under the direction of Mario Haas. The training-free Wednesday was used to recharge the batteries during a hike through the Gosau valley including a picnic. Finally, the absolute highlight of the week was on Friday: the final tournament, where the talents from Austria, Germany or Malta could show what they had learned in the past days. In the end, they were all champions. In addition, each participant received a unique package consisting of a jersey with the number and first name of their choice, shorts, socks, ball, souvenir photo with the team as well as a single photo with Mario Haas, medal and a certificate. “The camp was a complete success with 38 children in a fortnight. The package is a nice souvenir for the participants,” reports Mario Pabst, hotel director of Dachsteinkönig.

Wellness and relaxation

While the kids pursued their passion with fun, a willingness and an eagerness to learn, the parents relaxed at the Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig. As one of the top addresses in Europe, this has great highlights to offer: more than 90 hours of baby and childcare available per week, 2,000 square metres of indoor play area, pool area with a 100-metre long tyre water slide and 1,000 square metres of wellness area. The outdoor area also boasts colourful bouncy castles, an adventure playground, a children’s vehicle course and grazing farm animals to play with.

Train with a real legend

After a week full of variety and learning, Mario Haas, Sturm legend with three championship titles, four Cup victories and two Champions League appearances and record player for Graz with 180 goals in 451 games, draws an extremely positive conclusion. “The kids had a lot of fun. The camp went down really well and just fits in with the concept of the hotel,” emphasised the 43-time international and 1998 World Cup participant. It makes him proud to pass on some of his talent and to observe the great progress that both football newcomers and club players make during such a camp. “I’ve been working with kids for a long time. I just really enjoy it and you always see how much talent there actually is on the football pitch. It’s interesting when you follow how the children develop and what becomes of them,” adds Mario Haas. Maybe he has already trained with some of the youngster who will go on to have an equally impressive career.


We would like to thank our sponsor for the great cooperation and competent support!

Stefanie C. Jost
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