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22.09.2022elke Jauk-Offner

On the trail

The Venetians was known to often fetch gold from the Retterschwang valley near Hindelang. Because they did not like to be disturbed by people, a dragon guarded the entrance. In return, the Venetians had promised him a share of the gold. However, they believed that he could be cheated and so they only gave the dragon a gold-glittering, inferior metal. When the dragon noticed the deception, henceforth he demanded a tariff from the people before letting them pass. The undisturbed work of the Venetians was over. They emigrated. PS: It is said that the dragon got on much better with the Allgäu people afterwards … 

The fact that children also get on well with dragons can be put to the test at the dragon playground south of Bad Oberdorf. Of course, there is much more to discover around Bad Hindelang – from bathing in the stream to hiking along gorges to challenging hikes to the summits of the mountains, which are up to 2,600 metres high. The Iselerbahn and Wiedhagbahn lifts in Oberjoch and the Hornbahn lift in Hindelang assist in the summit climb. The Allgäu High Alps nature reserve has been lavishly endowed with beautiful spots. 


Nature is, as so often, the best adventure playground. You can experience this, for example, on the mysterious Smugglers’ Trail. The hiking trail runs from the Iseler in Bavaria to the Wannenjoch in Tyrol. Because of its proximity to the border, it was once a popular smuggler’s trail. Whether you prefer to take on the role of smuggler or border guard while hiking is up to you. Utensils are available at the valley stations of the mountain railways on the Iseler or on the Wannenjoch in Tyrol – including an introduction to the role. “Whoever brings the smuggler’s goods across the border and completes all four smuggling stations or tracks down the smugglers and convicts them gets the smuggler’s pass,” says Max Hillmeier, tourism director of Bad Hindelang.

There are 300 kilometres of prepared hiking trails – at three altitudes: beautiful walks in the valley, fantastic views at medium altitudes and high-alpine tours in the Allgäu High Alps. There are many family-friendly routes, not least on a number of themed trails such as the Music Hiking Trail, where numerous musical activity stations awaits, or Georgʼs Nature World Experience Trail. There, the Gems (Allgäu dialect for chamois) Georg has disappeared. At 16 stations you have to collect 14 letters to find out where Georg is hiding. Meanwhile, you can compete with Seraphin Steinbock on the low-ropes climbing course, find animals in the forest with sharp eyes like Adi Adler or take a spin on the mini flower carousel with the Alpenrose.


A beautiful and winding pass road leads from Bad Hindelang to a sunny high plateau at 1,136 metres above sea level. This is where Oberjoch is located. Germany’s highest mountain village shines with perks not only in winter. “You can take a deep breath here – literally. In the high valley in Oberjoch and Unterjoch, the air is extremely low in pollen and dust mites. Bad Hindelang is a “quality-tested health resort for allergy sufferers” and is characterised by its special healing climate. Those who enjoy cycling will also get their money’s worth. There are many routes on the mountains as well as in the valley, flatter paths with rustic refreshment stops are also suitable for the little ones. For a little cooling off, we recommend the natural swimming pool in Bad Hindelang or the Hirschbachwäldchen Kneipp facility. This is where the popular barefoot path starts, which connects the grove with the Schanzpark near Bad Oberdorf. The Oberjoch high moor is straight out of a picture book. “The bathing area is no ordinary open-air bath. In addition to its ‘natural’ and health-promoting moor water pool, its special features include a children’s pool, a wooden treading pool filled with moor water, resting benches and a large sunbathing lawn in the midst of unspoilt nature,” Hillmeier explains. 


A little out of time are the mystical hammer forges from the 15th century in Bad Oberdorf. Three are still in operation today. Inside, not much has changed: soot-smeared stones, dark wooden beams and an imposing forge hammer. Weapons are now only made for ornamental purposes; the product range includes shovels, forestry tools and wrought-iron frying pans, a special souvenir to take home.

elke Jauk-Offner
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