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13.02.2021@daddychannel Caro & Paul

Between love and lockdown - when the moon is within grasping distance ...

What is the moon doing here? It’s quite simple. We’re talking about HIM. Of my husband.

I’m Caro and the man – he goes by the name Paul – certainly have a lot to report at this point. About the perfect coexistence with me, the always intimate love between us, the harmonic interaction with each other … et cetera, et cetera… Well, bad luck … today I have the word … oh what do I say … if just one word would be enough ;-)

Definitely not enough! Just to make one thing clear in advance: I love this guy to the moon and back, but in the last few weeks and months I would have loved to be able to send him exactly there. To the moon and not back!

My husband – you know, Paul – and I, found ourself sitting at home, the four of us, from one day to the next. Trapped in a (what feltlike an) endless lockdown. You as well. I know. Though that doesn’t change things for better or worse. But the fact is, I will speak from your soul and at the end of this post you will want to say only one thing: Thank you! I want that too!

Normally, every morning everyone jets happily off in their own direction to where they have to go. Our youngest to the daycare (of course not on the bus alone), our oldest to school, Paul to the office and I, as always, juggle in between office, home office and the household. The perfect routine for us. It was great and didn’t need any change, if anyone asks me.

Now, I was forced to accept the bunch of people that were suddenly, and seemingly permanent, present at home. Blinded by the initially romantic idea that we would probably never experience such an incredibly intense and wonderful family time again in life, we played, cooked and laughed through day 1 and, I think, day 2. From day 3 the TOP 10 list of facts from women’s magazine on “What I hate most about my husband” became a harsh and bitter reality. ;-)

READING that men always and constantly leave the tube of toothpaste open or always and everywhere leave their upturned socks is one thing. But, to SEE that this also happens and that you find these described things just as much when you come back from the office or from shopping, is another thing. However, WATCHING with your own eyes as he leaves the toothpaste tube open, walks past me with an innocent smile and I just stand there, makes his trip to the moon a little closer and more realistic.

We are doing well in these terrible times. As good as you can have it really. We are healthy. I think that’s the most important. And we have each other, even if the prospect of a moon-trip sometimes hangs between us ;-) However, this knowledge doesn’t always make the new normal, the new everyday life, any easier, and sometimes I would just like to take a break from it. Leave. But where, you ask? Alone in the bathroom, alone in the fridge … oh yes and above all I don’t want to cook anymore. I cook all day. Sometimes it is not only the pots on the stove that boil over, but also me – at least internally. I don`t want to do it anymore :(

The other day we were all discussing together – here it is again: all together – wondering what to do first when we could start to see a little light at the end of this dark tunnel that we are in. My answer: I want to go to Dachsteinkönig! Somehow no one had expected that answer from me and I was straight away hit with the argument that we would all, once again, be stuck together. No way, my dears! You didn’t think it properly through!


Original German translated to English by Familux.

That is the wonderful thing about Dachsteinkönig. Everything is possible, nothing is forced. And I can do only the things I feel like doing: wellness, swimming, hiking, sleeping, eating … no cooking, no home-schooling, no home kindergardening … Finally peace for all of us … each for himself and yet, magically, all together! So, I’m already looking forward to running into you at the buffet in the evening and talking at our regular seat about what we have experienced that day. :-)

No seriously. I enjoy my family. They really are my everything. But taking a little breath would do each of us good. He can’t sit on the moon forever :-) And the best place is where the whole family can experience great things, not having to worry about anything and still everyone can find time and space to themselves. So, when are you going to open again? I’m already sitting on packed suitcases :)

Hope to see you soon

Your Caro

@daddychannel Caro & Paul
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