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23.12.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Same procedure as last year...

23 December. The preparations are in full swing. The kitchen has been preparing for days. In the restaurant everything is festively decorated. In the lobby a large Christmas tree is decorated with wishes that our guests can make for the SOS Children’s Village. All the children’s eyes light up at the sight of the resort decorated for Christmas. Our dedicated holiday elves  are at work everywhere, giving our guests, big and small, beautiful moments at the most wonderful time of the year. This year everything is different….

Personally, I have spent every Christmas with guests for the past 20 years and it has always been wonderful. Working when others are celebrating? Many people think that this means a lot of sacrifice. For me, these have been some of the most beautiful moments in all these years. I can speak for all my colleagues here when I say that we chose this work with all our hearts. For us as part of the Familux Family, the greatest gift is to give families wonderful moments and at Christmas there is a special magic in the air. We virtually all see ourselves as the Christ Child or Father Christmas. Through the work of our hands, it is possible for mum and dad to sit back, relax, enjoy time together and immerse themselves in the festive spirit. The gratitude we then feel is priceless.

This year, 2020, everything is different. When I wrote my blog post on Easter, I never thought that there would be another important family celebration that we would not be able to spend with our guests. We, the hosts, are being denied the very thing we we feel we belong to. The economic component aside. We live to bring joy to others. We are not allowed to stage Christmas for lots of sparkling children’s eyes. We are not allowed to be together as a “working family”. And we have to move our fundraising campaign for the SOS Children’s Village online….

Gifts, however, should not be posponed! And so, I confidently look forward to a new year, despite all the news that floods us daily. I have never been more hopeful than now! You must be it too. 

On behalf of the Familux Family I wish you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and a prosperous New Year. All will be well in 2021!

Yours, Stefanie 

Stefanie C. Jost
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