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19.10.2020Stefanie C. Jost

Taking big strides forward…

When I went to Oberhof for the first time last November, it was a really exciting trip. I was very excited, after all it was about the ground-breaking ceremony of The Grand Green – Familux Resort. Many VIPs from business and politics were announced and I was entrusted with the organisation of this milestone. Of course, I found myself without a spare second to take a look at the enchanting surroundings – there was a lot to do, so I was all the more pleased when a video shoot was to be organised on location at the end of September.

A sunny autumn day, pleasant temperatures and a light breeze welcomed me to Thuringia. When I reached the construction site, my jaw dropped. I am amazed at what has been built here in just a few weeks. You can already guess the underground car park and in some parts even the ground floor. The last time I was here, I was confronted with the sight of a barren spot in the middle of a pretty little town, and now it’s scurrying around like an anthill – Lotte must be happy to see this too. More than 500 construction workers work here every day, and every move is perfect. The site manager explains what is to go where based on the set plans. I am thoroughly impressed.

In the meantime, Florian has also arrived, and the video team is getting into position. Today we shoot one of our teaser videos for the launch of The Grand Green’s website. We shoot on the construction site, in the forest at the Rennsteig and at the town square, and finally I see a little of this enchanting environment. There is something mystical about the Rennsteig, the sun glinting through the tree-tops and breaking the light on dewdrops lying on the meadows. The birds are chirping away, giving us wonderful background music. The town square is inviting and beautifully maintained. The people are friendly and curious about what we are doing here. “We’re looking forward to the new hotel, it’s going to be great,” an elderly lady says to me, sticking both thumbs in the air. Yes, we are also really looking forward to it and we promise it will be EXTRAordinary!

After this successful day of filming in Oberhof, we go on to Erfurt. The planning team around the PAB architects is sitting there. A big meeting is on the agenda. Materials are discussed, for example, and I am amazed when I discover three different toilet models in the room. “You can try them out.” Mr Mayer laughs at me, and yes, everything is taken care of here – including a comfortable toilet. With an integrated child seat. Heated. That goes without saying!

Patterns of wood, moss and stone are everywhere. Natural elements that are not only used in the construction itself, but also in the interior design. I discover plans of the interior and am impressed again. Not that I’m easily impressed – since I’ve been working for Familux Resorts, my quality standards have at least doubled, no, what is being created here is unique, innovative, incredibly well thought-out and 100% designed to meet the needs of families and their high standards.

We shoot a few scenes and listen intently to the meeting. By noon we have everything in the can and start our journey home to Gosau.

Wow. I’m already looking forward to the next time.

All the best

Your Stefanie

Stefanie C. Jost
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